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Our vision at CrowdProperty is to build a more rewarding and secure financial era whilst making a lasting a significant contribution to society.

We do this by solving the major pain being faced by property professionals on the one hand and savers on the other, who have all received a really poor deal from traditional banks. We give them what the banks don’t and help to meet the rising demand for quality residential housing in the process.

Banks are reluctant to lend to small professional housing developers for their projects and when they do they provide appalling service, especially in terms of ease, speed, expertise and access to decision makers, all of which are pivotal to our proposition.

The interest rates banks offer to savers are often below inflation. We, however, can offer investors much higher returns – of 8% - simply because we have a much lower overhead costs than traditional lenders and we have the most advanced IT system.

We push the boundaries of technology so that, unlike banks, we efficiently bring together thousanrs of individual investors to directly lend millions of pounds to SME housing developers.

Our founders are leaders in the property industry. Using their expertise, we ensure we select and oversee only the very best housing development projects for investment. Projects are of all types and scales, including refurbishments, conversions and new builds.

We all share in projects’ success, keeping true to the original fair ethos or peer-to-peer lending.


Mike Bristow

Co-founder and CEO is the
lead spokesperson for CrowdProperty

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September 06, 2018

"CrowdProperty doubles lending as loanbook hits £20m"

August 14, 2018

"CrowdProperty promises more projects for investors"

July 26, 2018

"CrowdProperty funds £925,000 project in under 10 minutes"

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