Introducing the new isa season

earn 8% tax-free through
our innovative finance isa

Why wait till march?


With 8% tax-free secured returns, you're losing money by NOT setting up your ISA as soon as possible each year


So with our ISA, the ISA season is now. Open yours today and start earning 8% secured returns, tax free. That's the same as 13.3% taxable returns if a higher-rate tax payer

How to make your money work harder

1. Open an isa with us

2. Utilise your isa allowance

3. Transfer in existing ISA funds

1. Open an isa with us

Registering is quick and easy. If you are a registered lender, you just need your National Insurance number. You can also quickly and easily register as a lender if you're not yet. Then you're on your way to earning 8% secured tax-free returns

2. Utilise your isa allowance

Pledge to get your ISA funds working
Once setup, you are ready to pledge to a project with your annual ISA allowance of up to £20,000. Visit our project page to view our latest projects. You'll also hear from us when projects are being launched. Remember that you can learn more about each project in the live webinar the night before each launch

3. Transfer in existing ISA funds

Transfer your other ISAs
As well as putting your annual allowance of up to £20,000 to work earning 8% secured tax-free returns, you can also transfer your other ISA funds, where your money may not be working as hard, into your CrowdProperty ISA. Once you have a CrowdProperty ISA, the transfer process is easy and takes up to 30 days

Government initiative

The innovative finance ISA (IFISA), offering tax-free savings, is the latest addition to the ISA family, alongside cash ISAs, stocks and Shares ISAs, the lifetime ISA, junior ISAs and help-to-buy ISAs.

It was launched in 2016 by the UK government, showing their confidence in the sector, to encourage investment in business and property through crowdfunding and the peer-to-peer lending industry.

See how much you could
earn tax free

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12 month loan
18 month loan

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why open a crowdproperty isa?

invest up to £20,000 completely tax-free, per tax year, in crowdproperty projects

earn significantly higher returns than the banks

transfer in pre-existing isa to maximise returns*

you're in control - choose which projects you'd like to invest in

all investments are short term and shown in a simple portfolio

finance projects which provide much needed homes for britain

maximise your interest by investing in crowdproperty projects through our innovative finance isa, and earn your 8% per annum secured returns completely tax-free

*You can transfer in an unlimited amount from pre-existing ISA pots that have been accruing over previous years to maximise the amount you can invest in your projects, and earn 8% on, tax-free.

how does it work

register for a standard loan account and complete your profile to invest via an isa

Set-up your CrowdProperty ISA account, add your NI number and read and accept the T&Cs


Choose which projects you would like to invest in


Deposit cash in your ISA wallet, or transfer in
pre-existing ISAs


On project completion, capital and interest is returned to your CrowdProperty ISA


Reinvest in projects to maximise returns, or withdraw your earnings

Let us answer any questions you have before opening your ISA account - Read our ISA FAQs

register for an isa

what are my investment options?


Lending with CrowdProperty to earn 8%p.a. secured returns is easy.

All CrowdProperty loans are, first and foremost, secured by the registered first legal charge against the property associated with the project. Every project is put through an extensive due diligence process by our experts, carefully curating and approving only the very best projects.

ISA Lending

Make your 8% secured returns tax-free with the CrowdProperty ISA.

The CrowdProperty Innovative Finance ISA (IFISA) is a way to increase your returns further. You still have the flexibility to select the individual loans and can invest up to £20,000 per tax year and receive the same 8% secured returns but tax-free. You can also transfer in existing ISA pots.


Pension funds can now also be used to lend with CrowdProperty.

If you like the idea of lending against the security of property assets to make your pension pot work harder, we are delighted to confirm that pension funds can now be used to lend with CrowdProperty. Just like our ISA, you still have the flexibility to select the individual loans to lend to.

Your capital is at risk and you may lose all you lend. See our full risk warning for more information

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