CrowdProperty uses the power of the crowd to provide the loan you need to make your property project happen.

We’re experts in property and we know what makes a successful property project. Every project submitted to CrowdProperty is put through an extensive screening process to ensure our lenders’ funds are as safe as possible and will be returned with interest. Protecting our lenders is our number one priority as their certainty and satisfaction is crucial to the longevity and success of CrowdProperty.

If you have a proven track record of excellence in property and you’re looking for funding to get your next project completed, take a look through our funding process below.

The funding process.

CrowdProperty offers:
  • Funding for new builds, conversions, titles splits and refurbishments.
  • Loans from £200k - £2 million
  • Quick decisions
  1. Log in and visit the Projects area on your account to submit a proposal.
  2. Pre-approval application is given the green light.
  3. CrowdProperty invites you to complete a full application form to allow us to carry out our extensive due diligence.
  4. If your application is given the CrowdProperty stamp of approval it will be showcased on our platform.
  5. Interested individuals and companies will pledge funds to help you reach your funding target.

What happens when the funding goal is reached?

Development funding

  1. Our solicitors will complete the purchase of your property and put a first charge in place on the project to protect the interests of the project lenders.
  2. Funds to cover the project build will be released as works reach key stages as assessed by our independent surveyor to ensure appropriate use of the funds.
  3. Once the development is complete, you return the funds plus interest to our lenders, by either a sale or refinance of the project.

How to register as a borrower

Before you go, register as a Borrower, it's free.

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