Investing Your Pension in CrowdProperty

Lend through CrowdProperty via your pension*

If you like the idea of lending against the security of property backed assets, we are delighted to confirm that pension money can now be used to lend towards projects listed on CrowdProperty.

Using our peer to peer lending platform you could benefit from these loans if you have a SIPP or SSAS with an approved trustee.

New pension freedoms have resulted in a shift in the pension landscape. We believe the option of relatively short term development projects with potentially high returns means the CrowdProperty peer to peer lending platform marries well with the changes to pension legislation in April 2016 which allow complete pension freedom.

It’s still the same process as when you invest with your cash; using your pension you can select the property and the amount you want to lend.

Here we have outlined the advantages of the CrowdProperty Platform for Loans:

CrowdProperty Features

  • 1st legal charge on behalf of the lender
  • Fixed Returns of up to 8% per annum** (capital at risk)
  • Ability to diversify by lending towards different projects
  • Simple and transparent business model
  • Defined exit strategy
  • Low minimum loan requirement

** Returns are not guaranteed. See our full risk warning for more information.

To make an enquiry about lending your pension through CrowdProperty please complete the form below and a consultant will contact you.

Initial contact will be made by Wealthbuilders Together Ltd who will assess if you need regulated advice.

Financial Advice is provided by Kingswood Law IFA Ltd who are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Reference number 4538124


* Tax status varies for every individual and laws are subject to change without notice. Seeking independent advice is necessary.