How to make a complaint

If there is any aspect of our service that you are not happy about, please do get in touch. You can:

  • E-mail:
  • Phone: 0121 454 5115
  • Write: CrowdProperty, Crown House, 123 Hagley Rd, Birmingham, B16 8LD

Please can you include the following information to help us process your complaint:

  • Your full name
  • Your contact details
  • A summary of your complaint

Complaints handling process

The firm aims to resolve complaints at the earliest possible opportunity. On receipt of a complaint, the firm will:

  • send the complainant a prompt written acknowledgement providing early reassurance that it has received the complaint and is dealing with it; and
  • ensure the complainant is kept informed thereafter of the progress of the measures being taken for the complaint's resolution.

The firm will, by the end of eight weeks after its receipt of the complaint, send the complainant a final response; or a written response which:

  • explains why it is not in a position to make a final response and indicates when it expects to be able to provide one;
  • informs the complainant that he may now refer the complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service;
  • encloses a copy of the Financial Ombudsman Service standard explanatory leaflet.

It is expected that within eight weeks of their receipt, almost all complaints to the firm will have been substantively addressed by it through a final response or response.

Where a complaint against the firm is referred to the Financial Ombudsman Service, the firm will cooperate fully with the Financial Ombudsman Service and comply promptly with any settlements or awards made by it.

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