CrowdProperty gives you the opportunity to make your money work harder.

The idea is simple.

Many property developers and professionals in the UK are not getting the money they needed to make profitable property projects happen. Most people are not getting as much interest as they would like from their investments.

The answer is simple. Give people a potentially better return on their money by allowing them to directly lend it to property developers and professionals looking for funding. That’s why CrowdProperty exists.

Making money through lending to secured UK property projects is exciting. Before pledging money to a project, we want you to feel completely comfortable with how our platform works and understand why CrowdProperty is in a position to give you opportunities to make your money work harder for you.

Six reasons to use CrowdProperty

We live and breathe property.

Collectively, our team has more than 70 years' experience in the UK property market and we know what makes a great deal. This expertise in property is one thing that we believe sets us apart from other peer-to-peer loan providers. It means we can spot a good deal where some other lenders can’t. Our carefully curated list of projects only get approved when we can secure a first charge on the property for our lenders.

Each project is given our stamp of approval.

Every property project you see on CrowdProperty has been put through our extensive screening process, and we will only ever approve a project that we strongly believe will be a successful project. We want to ensure projects deliver, to maintain trust and certainty with our lenders. We are very careful which projects we approve.

Potentially better returns than other investments.

The world is getting more expensive. Making a good return on your money can be difficult and you naturally want to get the highest return you can on your investments. You could potentially receive 8% per annum* gross return on the money you lend. CrowdProperty is all about making your money work harder for you.

* Returns are not guaranteed. See our full risk warning for more information.

No hidden fees.

We charge an arrangement fee of between 3% and 5% for our services direct from the borrower once the project has successfully reached its funding target. Unlike some other funding platforms, we do not take any fees from the lenders. This is because our overheads are low and we don’t believe we should take fees from both sides.

It’s all or nothing.

Projects will be funded if they reach the full funding target. Despite us giving every project our own stamp of approval, it’s up to the crowd to decide what gets funded. Fortunately, from our own time in the property business we know lots of professional and sophisticated investors who trust our opinion that we can contact to help with funding if a project ever looks like it might not reach its funding target.

It’s up to you.

We do everything we possibly can to make sure every project on CrowdProperty is a reliable opportunity for our lenders. As well as completing extensive due diligence before approving a project, we also make sure we have the first legal charge over a property just in case anything doesn’t go to plan. Our primary concern is making sure that our lenders loans are secure, but as with all loans for property our expertise does not absolve the lender from risk. We actively encourage all of our lenders to complete their own research or seek advice from an Independent Financial Adviser if they are ever unsure about funding a project.

Returns are not guaranteed and your capital is at risk. See full risk warning for more information.

Meet our CrowdProperty team

Photograph of Simon Zutshi

Simon Zutshi

Founder & CEO

CrowdProperty is the result of Simon’s vision to open up making money from property to everyone and giving experienced property developers a superior platform to finance their projects.

As CEO Simon is responsible for CrowdProperty’s overall strategy, and he also oversees PR and deal approval. He has a good understanding of what makes a great deal, a strong network of professionals to supply deals to us and is widely recognised as one of the top mentors, educators and influencers in UK property.

Simon has been a property investor since 1995, when he was a graduate trainee at Cadburys. He founded the Property Investors Network in 2003, which has grown to become the largest network for property investors in the UK, and he also created and runs one of the most successful property education businesses in the UK.

Since 2011 Simon has been focused on larger development projects with GDV between £800k and £2.2 million, whilst holding a personal multimillion-pound portfolio built over the years. Outside of property he is a keen skier and enjoys good food and watching films.

Photograph of Mike Bristow

Mike Bristow

Co-Founder & Non-Executive Director

As a co-founder and now Non-Executive Director on the board of CrowdProperty, Mike brings a wealth of business building, private equity and strategy consulting expertise in addition to his considerable property investment, alternative finance and technology experience.

Mike has been a property investor since 2002 with a multi-million pound portfolio predominantly in London as well as elsewhere in South East England and internationally. With a diversified portfolio and a deeply analytical approach to investments, he has attracted significant private investment into The Cooperative Property Company which specialises in uniquely high-yielding London residential property.

Alongside property investment, he is a career strategy consultant advising major corporates, private equity buyout funds and global real estate businesses building/investing in $1bn+ developments. He runs Growth Strategy which focuses on strategy, M&A and venture capital investments having completed his MBA at London Business School. As an active venture capital investor, Mike is particularly focused on 'PropTech' and the potential that marketplace solutions have in the property sector alongside other scalable tech-driven businesses with talented founding teams cracking material problems with sustainable competitive advantage.

Outside of his diverse professional activities, Mike is a father of two, enjoys playing and watching sport (in particular cricket, tennis, golf and rugby), travelling (with a particular mission to 'tick off' the world's best off-piste ski areas) and savouring gastronomic delights.

Photograph of Andrew Hall

Andrew Hall


Andrew is responsible for building our capabilities in appraising development opportunities. It’s a role perfectly suited to his rich background in property and highly detailed, analytical and professional approach.

Andrew has around 30 years of investment and development experience spanning both commercial and residential property both in a personal capacity and as a trained Chartered Surveyor. He joined the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) in 1988 and has worked for prestigious firms such as BNP Paribas Real Estate, GVAGrimleys and Severn Trent PLC in a variety of roles, with responsibility for developing and project managing over c£150m worth of property.

Needless to say he has a full understanding of many different property development structures and deal types both as a sector professional and in his own right as a private investor and developer, currently holding a personal portfolio of c£1m value.

When he’s not working on property related projects, Andrew is a family man and otherwise can be found watching or taking part in number of sports, particularly football, cricket, rugby and skiing.

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