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*Our levels of bad debt are 0% due to the controls we put in place through the CrowdProperty Shield. In some cases we will have loan extensions agreed rather than exercising our legal first charge, this results in a longer loan term but also an increase in the yield for our lenders. A Loan Extension is assessed by CrowdProperty as the best way forward to secure the capital and interest owed rather than repossessing, on behalf of the crowd we utilise our Property Expertise. Ultimately, first charge security coupled with our property expertise means that we expect 0% default rate.

together we build great british homes

Investing through CrowdProperty supports small and medium sized property businesses play a valuable part in addressing the housing under-supply and building the estimated 250,000* new homes required each year for the United Kingdom.

In 'Fixing our Broken Housing Market', the main housing white paper published in February 2017, the UK Government specifically identified small and medium sized property businesses as having a key role in solving the housing crisis. Proposals focused on unlocking sites, planning constraints, construction barriers and funding for this segment. They committed to 'make more land available for homes in the right places, by maximising the contribution from brownfield and surplus public land, regenerating estates, releasing more small and medium sized sites, allowing rural communities to grow and making it easier to build new settlements'. 

CrowdProperty is committed to providing sustainable finance through our crowd to together build Great British Homes by addressing a broken and inefficient source of funding for property professionals.

performance transparency

at crowdproperty we follow the principles and guidance of the peer-to-peer finance association (p2pfa), the leading regulatory body for peer to peer lending in the uk. as part of the guidance followed we publish our data to promote transparency, a principle core to our values.
all of our previous loans are available to view through on our website here with the overall and annual key statistics shown below.
detailed statistics by year
2015 2016 2017 2018(ytd) total
Total Originated £2,287,500 £4,026,000 £5,171,500 £10,470,265 £21,955,265
Average Size of Loan £326,786 £335,500 £574,611 £469,484 £434,153
Average Time to Fund1 75 days 22 days 19 hours 6 hours
Loan length average 10 months 15 months 15 months 15 months 14 months
Average LTV2 64% 64% 66% 64% 64%
Owed at Exit to GDV3 59% 53% 58% 58% 57%
Loans extended >180 days 0 1 2 0 3
Actual Defaults 0% 0% 0% 0% 0%
Expected Defaults4 0% 0% 0% 0% 0%
Capital Paid Back £360,000 £1,080,000 £4,623,500 £2,315,611 £8,379,111
Interest Paid Back £21,000 £73,561 £521,937 £174,075 £790,573
  1. Average Time to fund includes all projects other than a single statistical outlier, which was an order of magnitude out from the rest of that year. Assumes 16 hour pledging days.
  2. LTV is the first release of the loan to the borrower divided by the initial value of the property. This does not include interest due as this is a day 1 metric. Averages do not include 2nd raises on projects funding development costs during the course of the project
  3. Owed at exit to GDV is calculated as the total capital + any planned loan interest against the RICS GDV for the project. These figures do include 2nd raises on projects funding development costs during the course of the project.
  4. Our expected Defaults are 0% due to retaining 1st Charge security on all projects we fund through the platform.

This material contains statistics that have been prepared by CrowdProperty. The underlying data is based on past projects, however this information should not be construed as legal, tax, investment, financial, or accounting advice.

Any future forecasts that are shown combine our knowledge, with a number of risks, uncertainties and assumptions about any future states, many of these are beyond the control of CrowdProperty.

Nothing contained within the information provided is or should be relied upon as a warranty, promise, or representation, express or implied, as to the future performance of any loan through CrowdProperty. Any historical information contained in this statistical information is not indicative of future performance.









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