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Experience the benefits of up to 8% secured returns, hassle-free, by using our simple AutoInvest tool

Create a CrowdProperty Lending Account
Deposit funds into your CrowdProperty account
Turn on AutoInvest in your account portfolio
Tell us how much you’d like to AutoInvest
Tell us your chosen maximum pledge size
Sit back and watch your portfolio diversify

*As with all investing, your capital is at risk. CrowdProperty performs rigorous due diligence on every project proposed to our platform (for more information, see our risk statement here). However, we encourage you to perform your own necessary due diligence on each project you lend towards, manually or via AutoInvest. We remind lenders that you have 24 hours to notify us if you would like to cancel a pledge created by your AutoInvest account.

Your capital is at risk. No FSCS protection. Past performance is not an indicator of future results. Tax treatment depends on individual circumstances and may change. full risk warning.

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