Lend your money to experienced property developers in exchange for a fixed rate of return of 8%*

How it’s done

  1. A property business or developer seeks funding for a CrowdProperty approved project by showcasing it on our platform.
  2. You pledge however much you want (from £500) towards the total funding goal for the project.
  1. Once enough people pledge and the total funding goal is reached, you are contacted and the money is then transferred via solicitors to the property business or developer.
  2. Once the property developer completes the project, your loan capital plus interest is paid back to you.

*Returns are not guaranteed. Your capital is at risk if you lend to businesses that develop property. You may lose all of what you lend. See our full risk warning for more information.

Why CrowdProperty works

We’re experts in property.

First and foremost we’re experts in our field. Collectively, our team has over 70 years' experience in the UK property market and every single project we consider is rigorously examined to ensure it meets our requirements.

Safeguards every step of the way.

All loans are secured by a registered legal charge against each property that the project concerns. We only look at projects here in the UK. Every project you see on CrowdProperty is put through an extensive screening process and carefully curated to ensure we only ever approve what we believe to be the very best projects for our lenders. After all, it is in our inherent interest to ensure the projects we approve are successful to safeguard our own reputation and the sustainability of our business.

Diversify your risk.

CrowdProperty gives you the opportunity to spread your risk by splitting your money across multiple projects. You can lend as much as you like (from £500) towards as many projects as your like.

We only charge fees to the borrower.

Some crowd funding platforms take a fixed fee from the borrower and then take a further cut from the interest paid. At CrowdProperty, the borrower pays a fixed fee to cover our time, expertise and to help our business grow. This money comes directly from the borrower and not from the money that you lend. We don’t charge you a penny.

It’s a loan, not equity.

By funding a project on CrowdProperty you do not receive equity or ownership of the property. The loan you make to the borrower allows them to fund their property project for which you receive a fixed rate of interest in return for making the loan. The interest and your initial capital are rolled up and repaid to you at the end of the loan period.

It’s up to you.

At CrowdProperty we only support projects we believe will be successful, and the crowd decides what gets funded. If you as a lender do not understand the opportunity, you should always seek assistance from an Independent Financial Adviser or simply not put your money into it. As with all loans for property, using our service does not absolve lenders from risk.

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