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investing your pension
through crowdproperty

CrowdProperty investors are lending to our projects through their self-controlled pension funds in greater numbers than ever before.

Download our SSAS Pension Guide

With CrowdProperty, you can ensure your pension capital works harder, achieving highly competitive, up to 10.5% p.a* returns and consequently, earns more for you when you retire.

Two types of pensions allow you to control investments: ‘SIPP’ and ‘SSAS’.
These are only available from approved pension providers:

what is a sipp?

SIPP stands for ‘Self-Invested Personal Pension’. It is for people who are confident in making their own investment decisions and offers individuals the ability to invest in the full range of options approved by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC). SIPPs work in much the same way as other personal pensions: you add money as and when you choose, and the government pays in an extra 20% in pension tax relief.

There are a wide range of SIPPs available on the market and therefore it’s important you do your research to find the product that works best for you. Although, technically, a SIPP allows you to invest in the full range of HMRC approved options, you will need to check with each SIPP pension provider as to whether they authorise marketplace lending.

what is a ssas?

SSAS stands for ‘Small Self-Administered Scheme’. It is a specialised type of defined contribution pension scheme, which is an employer sponsored workplace pension. A SSAS offers investors great flexibility, and often more independence than a SIPP.

They are often set up to provide retirement benefits for company owners and/or directors. The scheme can have up to 11 members and is open to all employees and family members.

There are a range of SSAS products available on the market and therefore it’s important you do your research to find the product that works best for you and again, we suggest you seek advice from an independent financial advisor before making a decision.

SSAS Features

  • Company and personal contributions are deductible against tax

  • Gains on your investments are not subject to capital gains tax

  • Income received from investments (i.e interest) is untaxed in the pension – this is crucial as your income received from your investments with CrowdProperty will be in the form of interest

  • You can receive a tax-free lump sum from age 55 on retirement

  • You may have to pay a tax charge on payments which exceed the HMRC Annual Allowance for pension plans

  • You may have to pay a tax charge on funds in pension plans which exceed the HMRC Lifetime Allowance (speak to an Independent Financial Advisor to find out exactly what this is) – therefore you must account this into the amount of interest you can expect to earn and in turn how much you expect your pension pot to grow over time

  • You cannot withdraw funds until you are 55 so must ensure you do not contribute beyond your means, or funds that you may need prior to this age

What to do if you do not have a SIPP/SSAS

If you would be interested in lending towards CrowdProperty via your pension but do not have a SIPP or SSAS pension:

  • Research on the internet what pension options are available to see what might suit you best (it’s worth noting that to set up the most flexible, a SSAS scheme, you will typically need to be a company owner or director)

  • Talk with possible providers to see if they authenticate marketplace lending and if they will verify investments with CrowdProperty. A number of pension providers will not yet have authenticated marketplace lending and therefore may not be open to verifying investments with CrowdProperty – if this is what you want to do then it will be easier working with a provider that has already approved marketplace lending.

A SIPP or SSAS is not necessarily the right option for everyone, therefore speak with a qualified Independent Financial Advisor to assist in your decisions.

What to do if you have a SIPP/SSAS

If you have a SIPP or SSAS, we recommend that you have an initial conversation with your administrators and/or trustees to make them aware that you are interested in marketplace lending via your pension. They will let you know if this is possible, or if they require further information.

If your provider would like further information, please use the form below to get in contact with us. Please specify your pension provider, your pension type and the contact details of your administrator. We will then contact your administrator to talk them through the CrowdProperty pension lending process and the security measures which are taken.

If your provider verifies lending through CrowdProperty you will be able to register for your CrowdProperty Pension Account.

If you are not yet a registered Lender with CrowdProperty:

Click the link below and register as a lender. You will receive an activation link; click and complete your account details.

Once your account is set up and verified, send a message via our platform asking to have pension functionality added to your account. Please specify pension type, pension provider and pension name

CrowdProperty will add pension lending functionality to your account and notify you once this is done

Once your CrowdProperty Pension account is set up, how does lending via your pension work?

Once your CrowdProperty Pension Account is registered you will receive emails with launch dates and times, and webinar details. Once a project goes live which you would like to pledge towards:


Once a project is fully funded, we will request for funds to be transferred in the 1-8 weeks following project launch. This request will be sent to your lender inbox; pass this message on to your administrator and we will allow adequate time to facilitate the transfer.

points to remember

As an investor, it is your personal responsibility to ensure you are acting within the guidelines and restrictions from HMRC and your pension provider. Make sure you consult a financial advisor for advice and make yourself aware of regulations before you lend towardsCrowdProperty projects.


Some pension providers will not allow investments with marketplace lending platforms via pension accounts that they control. Therefore, it is important to make providers aware of your intentions prior to opening a SIPP or SSAS and to also factor this in alongside other aims and objectives.


You cannot lend money via your pension to projects that are being coordinated by ‘connected individuals’ (spouse, family member, close associates). Please seek advice from your pension provider or qualified financial advisor if you require further clarification as to what qualifies as a ‘connected person’, or if there is a scenario you would like advice with. If you lend to a connected person, you could be liable to pay a hefty tax bill.


Although you cannot directly purchase, or lend to purchase, residential property from your pension, CrowdProperty’s legal loan structure enables you, as one of a group of investors to do so.

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